Paróvári King of Hearts 'Fülöp'
labrador male available for stud

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Paróvári King of Hearts is available for stud

About me

3 weeks old

Hello! (or Woof!)

My official name is: Paróvári King of Hearts (but please call me Fülöp ☺ like Phillip).

I was born on 21st February 2014 in one of the leading kennell in Hungary. We were eight (4 black and 4 white puppies). My breeders had seen extraordinary qualities during the first two months regarding the two white males. They tried to persuade my new owners to choose another puppy for such an easy job as being a family dog, a friend for the grand-children. But my owner - as soon as he'd seen me - insisted on choosing me, so then I got to live in Nyíregyháza.


Fülöp Name: Paróvári King of Hearts
Sex: male
Color: yellow
Birth date: 21.02.2014.
Health examinations

With my friend, Pitypang

Feels so good

Who will choose us?